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Jumilla pear

Protected Designation of Origin

Ercolini pear variety

The variety protected by the Jumilla Pear Designation of Origin is the Ercolini pear. Jumilla is the largest producer in Spain and Europe (48% of domestic production and 24% of European Ercolini pear production).

Denominación de Origen Protegida Pera de Jumilla
Pera Ercolini de Jumilla.

A pear with its own ID

The certification and logo that accompany each Jumilla pear batch serve as a warranty for end consumers of the strict handling, production and packaging standards applied, ensuring that only fruit of the highest quality reaches their tables.


The fruit is yellow in colour with a green background and a characteristic reddish tone on the part exposed to the sun, with its peduncle intact. Its flesh is white and juicy with a very sweet, sugary, lightly perfumed taste.


The two categories marketed by Campos de Jumilla are the Extra, in which the fruit must have a diameter of more than 58 mm. while the fruit belonging to category 1 must have a diameter of at least 52 mm.


The specified level of sugars for pears certified under the Jumilla Protected Designation of Origin is at least 10.5 degrees based on the Brix scale and the malic acid level of the fruit is 1.5 grams/litre.


Jumilla is the largest Spanish and European producer of this variety (48% of domestic production and 24% of European Ercolini pear production). Campos de Jumilla markets approximately 80% of the above percentages.


Jumilla produces 48% of the Spanish Ercolini pear production.


This percentage represents 24% of European production.


Campos de Jumilla accounts for 80% of this production.

Geography and climate

Jumilla and its region are famous as traditional pear-growing areas (records exist that go back to the 16th century). The region is located in the northeast part of Murcia, between the plateau of Castile-La Mancha and the Mediterranean coast and more specifically, in the district of the High Plain of Murcia. It benefits from a privileged location and climatological conditions due to the hours of sunshine and annual rainfall levels.

This Mediterranean climate is perfect for the flowering, setting and subsequent development of the pears. During the ripening period, the many hours of sunshine the fruit receives give the Jumilla pear a high content in soluble solids (mainly sugars), which is synonymous with flavour and quality.

All the above results in a fresh, juicy, sugary fruit with sweet aromas and an attractive reddish tone on the part exposed to the sun that is so characteristic of the Jumilla pear.


Growing, tending and harvesting

We have incorporated new techniques and methods that cause no harm to the environment into the traditional pear-growing method, in accordance with the strict criteria imposed by the Protected Designation of Origin Control Board. This gives rise to a product that is both attractive to consumers and also healthy and natural.

We prune and thin the fruit (number of fruits per tree) by hand, searching for the optimal penetration of the sunlight in order to obtain excellent sweetness and size.

One of the singularities of this variety is its early harvesting with respect to other similar fruit. Its harvesting period starts on 25-24 June in some farms.

As is normal for a fruit of this quality, we harvest our pears by hand.

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