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Fruit and Vegetable Producers Association

Campos de Jumilla

Proven experience and quality

Since 1986, “Campos de Jumilla“, S.C.L. has sold fresh summer fruit grown by its members.

Equipo de Campos de Jumilla


Our association is recognised in Spain as a Fruit and Vegetable Producers Association in accordance with article 11 of the European Council Regulation EC 2200/96 under registration number 367 in the “Fruit” category. We currently produce pear, peach, apricot, Saturn peach and nectarine.

One of the hallmarks of Campos de Jumilla is its wish to reach the highest standards of product and service quality. We also aim to achieve constant innovation and ensure the highest qualifications of our personnel in order to satisfy our clients, offering them an extensive variety and different ways of presenting our products and speed in our distribution and marketing activities.



The GLOBAL G.A.P. Fruit and Vegetable standard covers and supervises all stages of production, from pre-harvest activities such as soil management and the use of phytosanitary products, to post-harvest product management, processing, packing and storage.


The IFS and BRC certifications guarantee compliance with food safety standards and the quality of the marketed products.


Our association currently markets three product brands, depending on the product type, size, etc.:


Campos de Jumilla has undergone an international expansion process in recent years and we now markets our fruit in more than 20 countries, with annual production figures of over 14 million kg.


15% increase in production (2005-2016)

Tons of products marketed per year

  • Domestic pear 40% 40%
  • Apricot 8.7% 8.7%
  • Nectarine 5.6% 5.6%
  • Yellow peach 22.5% 22.5%
  • Saturn peach 22.6% 22.6%

Exports to more than 20 countries

Equipment and facilities

Nuestras instalaciones

Fruit reception area

The fruit that comes from the fields is unloaded and pre-cooled before passing to the cold storage rooms. All fruit entering our plant is subject to quality control and to a sensory analysis.

Separation of fruit according to size.

Washing and sizing.

The fruit is tipped into a pond where a series of rollers transfer it from the pond to the sorting belts where it is sorted based on its size, colour and quality. On its way, the fruit passes through a line of showers and fans so that it is clean and dry when it reaches the handling area.

Palletising of full boxes at Campos de Jumilla

Packing and palletising

An automatic sizing device deposits the fruit on the different sorting belts of the sizing machine and the fruit handlers sort the fruit, based on its quality and pack it in accordance with these criteria. Then the boxes of sorted fruit are placed on the conveyor belts and sent to the palletising machines, which receive the boxes and place them on the pallets in accordance with the size and quality criteria.

Contacting Campos de Jumilla

To contact the association, call (+34) 968 78 01 14 or complete the following form:

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Fruit and Vegetable Producers Association Campos de Jumilla

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